Oscillations 2020

Oscillations by Miguel Chevalier transforms music into colourful moving graphics.

Digital artist Miguel Chevalier shares his latest installation, ‘Oscillations 2020’, which has been unveiled in Pittsburgh’s Wood Street Galleries. On view until April 5th, 2020, the work presents a new ‘generative virtual-reality’ that has been created to react to music composed by Michel Redolfi. As the images respond to the music, the result is a moving landscape of colourful graphics that absorb the viewer.


Oscillations 2020 has been developed by Chevalier with the use of generative software, which creates a waveform in real time according to the frequencies and amplitudes of the music by Redolfi.


The spectrums of different sounds of music produce imaginary landscapes. These landscapes, which pass before the viewer’s eyes, present infinite variations: solid or wireframe, steep or flat, in black and white or in a spectrum of colour.

Source | Designboom



26th February 2020

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