Off-White has just launched its first West Coast location in Las Vegas‘ Wynn Plaza.

The 215 square meter space presents the brand’s Men’s and Women’s Pre-Fall 2019 collections and the Men’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection.


Keeping in line with the brand’s aesthetic, the entire shop has been designed with shades of terracotta and the furniture combines terracotta tiles and red travertine.

For a limited time, the Las Vegas store will feature a special installation from the Pre-Fall and Fall “Incompiuto Aesthetic” as well as a focus on the designer’s ODSY shoes. Shoppers will be encouraged to visit the Incompiuto page on the Off-White website, where the label has access to altered videos of the chrome green backdrop.


Throughout the rest of this summer, this live experience will be available exclusively at the Off-White Las Vegas store.



23rd August 2019

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