Nocturnal Animals

A playful and provocative venue by The Wilderness. Nocturnal Animals is the second venue conceived by Alex Claridge to create a fun and inventive experience.

The second venue conceived by acclaimed chef Alex Claridge (of The Wilderness fame), Nocturnal Animals is a provocative combination of neon-infused 80s-inspired glamour, tongue-in-cheek branding and a delicious but accessible fine dining menu.

Inspired by 80’s pop culture, Nocturnal Animals aims to offer a culinary journey with ingenious drinks, bold flavours and an Afternoon Tea unlike any before.

The design concept for Nocturnal Animals took its direction from the food. Claridge conceived the menu while listening to the ‘All Out 80s’ Spotify playlist and instructed the design team to do the same while formulating ideas for the interior.

The result is a riot of slick monochrome, vividly colourful graphic prints, postmodernist furniture silhouettes, David Lynch-esque passageways and kitsch neon signage.

Source | Retail Design Blog



22nd November 2018

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