Nike Refurbished

Nike Refurbished is Nikes latest circular consumer offering.

After a shopper returns a pair of shoes to Nike, Nike Refurbished tidies them up and then makes them a great value for Nike shoppers.


Nike Refurbished extends the lifespan for three types of footwear: like new (maybe worn for a day or two before being returned), gently worn (a little longer) and cosmetically flawed (think: something like a small snag that happened in manufacturing).

Available in up to 15 U.S. Nike stores, and with plans to continue scaling, Nike Refurbished is another example of Nike creating solutions at scale to help reduce its waste footprint.


How it works; After a shopper returns a pair of shoes to Nike, eligible footwear is added to the Nike Refurbished line-up. Each pair is inspected and refurbished by hand, and then given a condition grade. The team uses a number of different products and tools to return shoes to as close to new condition as possible. Once the shoes land back in a Nike store, the price is based on footwear type and condition grade. Handy messaging on the boxes makes it easy to see what kind of shoes are inside, the condition grade, and more.
With a simple scan of the box’s QR code, customers can check out even more information about Nike Move to Zero.

Source | Nike News




21st April 2021

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