New schuh store concept

schuh launches transformational new store concept

Briggs Hillier have created the transformational new store concept for one of UK’s leading branded footwear retailers, schuh. Recently launched in Livingston & Bristol, the new store fit delivers a laser focus on schuh’s primary youth consumer.


The overall store environment is defined by a series of illuminated arches that result in a powerful presentation of the branded footwear offer and bring horizontal fluidity to the space. The bespoke and highly flexible perimeter wall system extends between the arches, accommodating a suite of merchandising components and digital screens that introduce dynamic brand storytelling amongst product ranges.


The agile store layout is fully flexible to adapt to changes in the market and respond to trending styles; With no land locked merchandising, the digital and physical product mix can be dynamic. Flexible merchandising ‘fins’ extend from the perimeter wall into the midfloor and can be moved throughout the space to influence customer flow.


Integration of digital content is a key element of the store concept, with a centrally located, large-scale digital screen acting as an anchor at the rear of the store. Multiple perimeter wall digital screens are fully flexible and movable. The front section of the store is dedicated to sports product with collections presented by brand, moving away from traditional men’s and women’s categorisation.


The simple, neutral material palette, black and white solid surfaces and bright colour pops create a powerful backdrop to product. This is further enhanced by the lighting scheme, designed to pick out key displays with striking shards of light that transition into softer and warmer atmospheric lighting.


As schuh have moved towards the increased use of mobile payment devices and the removal of cash desks, payment in the new store concept is via mobile transactions at the point of sale, or movable kiosks throughout the store, creating a frictionless customer experience.


Jenny Hillier

31st May 2019