Mr Flower Fantastic

Mr. Flower Fantastic, the anonymous artist has made a name for combining floristry, sculpture, and today’s most sought-after sneakers.

Raised in Queens, New York, MFF was influenced by the flowers in his own home as well as the flower gardens in his neighbourhood. He says his desire to remain anonymous is to leave focus on the ‘powerful universal gift of flowers to humanity‘, which he aims to give full presence in his creative art compositions.

‘Flowers are said to be the memory knowledge of truth and every seed begins with a flower. Throughout history the exchange of flowers was designed to bring peace. With my art and the platform I have been given, that’s exactly what I intend to do.‘

As well as safeguarding his anonymity, MFF wears gloves and a mask to protect him from the flowers. But being allergic to his chosen medium has not stopped the artist from expressing himself.

As well as sharing his work online, Mr. Flower Fantastic sometimes leaves or drops off his flower arrangements in random locations in New York and other cities he visits. He does so by creating a sort of ‘bouquet treasure hunt’ offering his followers a location and visual clues through his instagram stories.

Source | Designboom



28th November 2018

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