Mirror Garden

Called Jing Huayuan or Mirror Garden, the retail space totally lives up to its name

The design concept is based on connecting the spaces inside with the outdoors to create an increased sense of spaciousness, and this has been achieved through the ample use of mirrors and by creating airy courtyards. The retail space measures 283 sqm. (3,046 sq.ft.) spread across a basement section, ground floor and mezzanine. The ground floor is flooded in daylight thanks to a glass-encased courtyard and walls clad in slabs of mirror that cover specific wall sections and ceiling. A lush vertical garden behind the staircase extends all the way to the roof and lend the setting a softer edge.



Presented here, both on demarcated floor sections and on suspended displays, are furniture pieces and objects, and at the back, a small seating area can be found. Below ground, half the space is covered in mirrors, presenting apparel items on suspended hangers, and the other half features a backlit plexiglass flooring with recessed shelving units. From the ground floor an open staircase leads to the mezzanine where a dining room is situated, flanked on both sides by terraces. An elongated service station extends into a wider table seating a total of eight guests.

Source | Superfuture


Ellen McNeelance

28th June 2019

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