An arched silver façade is applied to photography studio in Beijing

In Northeastern Beijing, nearby the city’s thriving 798 art zone, an old factory has been converted into a contemporary photography studio. the project, titled Masquerade, respects the existing building fabric, while adding contemporary materials and architectural details in contrast to the original industrial feel of the factory.


The new program converted the first floor into a large double-height photography studio. On this level, there is also a welcoming entrance lobby and reception, and a bathroom and dining room. The second floor of the old factory has been transformed into a social activity and meeting space for VIPs, which includes a special VIP room and VIP bathroom.


The overall aesthetic of the renovation is described as a ‘rendering a surrealistic atmosphere’. The interior has been envisioned to appear as an art gallery, one which stimulates the senses and invites people to explore the space and interact with one another.

Source | Designboom



11th March 2020

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