Make Happy

Morag Myerscough’s ‘Make Happy’ spreads positivity in Hong Kong during unsettling times. Morag Myerscough has created a large scale installation ‘Make Happy’ for a neighbourhood courtyard in central Hong Kong. The public art project communicates an impactful message — akin to a chinese proverb during the nation’s unsettling period ‘make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come’.


The London based artist uses boldness and strong use of colour to project positive energy and encourage everyone to ‘listen to each other and work together to find ways forward.’

The structure, hand painted on plywood, invites the locals of Hong Kong to come together and enjoy group activities. Inside the installation, the pure pink interior rings out an abstract sound track ‘Happy Talk’ by artist Luke Morgan.

Source | Designboom, 11th January 2020



29th January 2020

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