Magic Carpets Bangkok

Miguel Chevalier covers a square in Bangkok with a giant interactive carpet of light.

‘Magic Carpets Bangkok’ is a giant light carpet (60 m x 14 m) that fills the floor in front of Iconsiam River Park. With this creation, artist Miguel Chevalier explores digital art, artistic resources and
creativity of shape from Thai cultural heritage, more specifically Thai fabrics. 60 different graphic scenes following one another in a random fashion, are composed of motifs inspired by local
patterns and colours, as well as symbolic motifs from the digital universe.

A thousand patterns turn, move from right to left, form a rippling wave. Patterns come alive, mix together and generate new and surprising compositions, creating ceaselessly replenished universes. People are invited to explore and walk on these kaleidoscopic interactive carpets, while the fluid universe reacts to the movements of visitors.

Source | Designboom



21st February 2019

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