Louis Vuitton Pop-up

It’s an undeniable fact that Virgil Abloh has guided Louis Vuitton towards a whole new trajectory, fusing luxury with street cred style like no other.

The creative director’s magic touch doesn’t only show by way of looks on the runway, but also in the realm of retail, and the French fashion brand’s latest pop-up store in New York City proves just that.


The Lower East Side is usually considered too edgy to be associated with fashion’s upper echelon, but it’s right here where Louis Vuitton‘s most striking pop-up retail space to date has emerged.

Occupying a 6,000 sq.ft. unit on the ground floor of a six-storey structure built in 1900, both the façade and interior are dipped in a bright green hue. Mind you, even a number of objects right outside the shop bear the very same colour. What’s in store? Well, it exclusively stocks items of Louis Vuitton‘s acclaimed A/W 2019 Men’s Collection (open until 21st July).

Source | Superfuture



25th July 2019

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