Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton relocates store in Amsterdam and features a refreshing new interior.

The new store occupies 560 sqm and is set across three floors of a newly redeveloped building which features a stainless steel brick façade.

The interior features clean sightlines which emphasize the spacious dimensions of the premises. White-washed walls and timber flooring form the backdrop for a variety of shelving, displays, tables and cabinets.


A floor-to-ceiling wall at the centre of the store flanks the staircase which leads to the store’s basement section. It’s covered in a diamond-shaped motif which matches the nearby pendant lamps, and combined with the bright yellow back wall, these elements offer a playful counterbalance to the overt elegance shoppers are immersed in.


The ground floor presents Louis Vuitton‘s full range of women’s bags and leather goods, ready-to-wear and shoes. Also to be found here are sections dedicated to the brand’s fragrances, watches and jewellery pieces. Below is the men’s department is situated. Similar to upstairs, a coloured back wall offers a playful visual note, and here it’s dipped in a deep blue shade. The palette obviously bears a more masculine touch, but is equally stylish and welcoming.

Source | Superfuture


Ellen McNeelance

23rd March 2020

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