Loong Swim Club

Loong Swim Club features in-wonderland interiors for children and parents.

A pink and azure misty swimming pool, flower chandeliers and a colourful eggshell castle. Kids and parents are invited to have fun at the in-wonderland Loong Swim Club.

Loong Swim Club was conceived as a swimming and sports education centre for kids ready to have fun with mom and dad. Located in Suzhou, China, the project integrates entertainment and leisure: relaxing pastel-hued interiors are filled by a playful cartoonish graphic-design aiming to free kids’ fantasy while creating a relaxing atmosphere for their parents.


Families are welcomed by a reception desk shaped like a ship and a big whale wrapping around a column, as if jumping out of the water. Behind, a small outlined arc leads to the shoe changing area.


The marine narrative continues in the reading room where paint brushes-inspired ‘wavy’ couches turn into slides and nest book shelves to allow to sit and relax as well as to play.

For the pool, narrow arches on a side and large arched doors create an intrusive and dreamy experience. Giant water droplet lamps hang from the ceiling creating a dramatic magical tension.

Source | Loong Swim Club



12th June 2019

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