A concept bookstore has opened in east London promoting ‘a return to physical material things’.

The store features handmade wooden bookshelves based on the fictional Library of Babel and a strict no-phone policy.

The 1940s tale by Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges features an almost infinite library where hexagonal galleries contain every possible combination of letters. The architects attempted to recreate this sense of boundlessness using irregular shapes and mirrors.

Walls on both sides of the shop are covered in handmade shelves built using unfinished recycled wood which angle outwards, creating several zigzags, and integrate nooks where visitors can sit down and read. They also form partitions between different areas.

Books are organised across the shelves by theme, rather than being broken up into typical categories. Some are also displayed on tables, built using the same wood as the shelves.

Source: Dezeen


Jenny Hillier

26th February 2016

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