Levi’s and LEGO collaboration

Levi’s teams up with iconic toy brand LEGO to launch playful new fashion line

Lego has teamed up with Levi’s Denim to launch a capsule fashion collection where pieces of plastic Lego are sewn directly onto items of clothes. The collection, called Wearable Art, is the first of its kind, as it allows you to build your own design onto a denim jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt and other items of clothing, meaning you end up with a unique one-of-a-kind piece. Launching on October 1, the fashion line is already proving popular with fashionistas and lovers of Lego past and present.


Almost every piece in the collection – from hoodies to bum bags – is customisable with little pieces of Lego. The collaboration features the first ever flexible Lego baseplate, which is a pliable Lego silicone panel onto which fans can create their own customised designs using Lego dots. In addition to the sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets, the collection also includes bags and hats. All of them feature Lego-inspired details like colourful buttons and a bright-red Lego patch swapped in instead of Levi’s traditional leather version.



This isn’t the first time Lego has teamed up with a fashion or homewares brand. In the past, the iconic toy brand has collaborated with both IKEA and Adidas. Lego Adidas sneakers were especially popular with shoppers, which featured the original Lego logo as well as some Lego blocks on the lace tags.

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Source | Daily Mail



17th September 2020

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