Lazy Oaf and Lush collaborate for an exclusive range of products

British lifestyle brand, Lazy Oaf has partnered with British cosmetics retailer Lush for a laundrette-inspired collection including cosmetics, clothing and homeware.


For this collaboration, Lush has brought back a classic from their archives, and two new “Showders” — a bubbling bath powder that creates softening suds, with packaging inspired by a classic laundry detergent box. There’s the Sleepy Showder that is scented with lavender, and the Intergalactic Showder with musky cedar wood and fresh peppermint.


Lazy Oaf’s signature Happy Sad and checkerboard patterns are seen on classic Lush products such as bath bombs, soaps and bubble bars; there’s a new fragrance that captures the essence of Lazy Oaf’s East London origins — a Lush X Lazy Body Spray that smells like an east end laundrette with puffs of lingering tobacco on low thread count sheets still warm from the dryer.


The collaboration also includes an 8 piece clothing and lifestyle line which the two brands designed together. This is lush’s first foray into fashion. There are pyjama top and bottoms, white and blue checkerboard face cloths, a hand towel, a bath sheet, and a wash bag.


Source | Nylon


Jenny Hillier

14th December 2022