La Moitié

A balance of soft pink and austere black adorns ‘La Moitié’ fashion store in China.

La Moitié, is a newly opened upscale café and women’s boutique in Wanbo, a leafy southern suburb of Guangzhou.

The store’s name La Moitié, French for ‘half’, pretty much gives away the chosen design dichotomy—two visually different spaces, one side captured in pink and full of frills, and the other black and understated. Wacky? Surprisingly not. Upon entering the hall, the two sides are immediately visible, and sees a café section with arches, columns and chandeliers in a Baroque-inspired style, matched by an understated retail section captured in black stone.


A spiral staircase, sitting right in the middle, is both pink and black, as if to emphasize the sharp colour divide. A mezzanine floor features two secluded private dining rooms, both entirely black, and which are constructed as such that peeks are given of the pink-infused side of the premises.


On the upper floor, La Moitié houses the flagship store of Chinese fashion brand Cheng. The women’s collections are obviously presented in a pink setting with marble flooring and pink-tinted stuccoed walls infused with Chinese architectural elements, whereas the men’s line is showcased amidst walls and flooring clad in black granite, sculptural furnishings and suspended steel clothing racks.

Source | Superfuture


Ellen McNeelance

5th March 2020

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