In an effort to appeal to millennials and men of all ages, bag brand Kipling has chucked out the chintz in favour of a more urban store environment. Previously, the stores were done up in
pastel pink, complete with carpeting and pale timber flooring. For those, “the inspiration was the boudoir experience,” says global president Vera Breuer. Now, there are brick accent walls in slate grey and street-style art.


The chain has a new slogan, Live Light, which is about empowering your curiosity to go your own way, explains Breuer.

As well as those brick walls, the revamped stores have brushed concrete floors, grey metal merchandising units and park bench-style slatted tops on the lower storage. In each store, a local artist has done a mural of the brand’s monkey icon on the wall behind the cash desk, which customers use as a selfie spot (London’s is by Fanakapan). And a map of the city hangs nearby, with interesting destinations highlighted.

Source | Retail Design World, 22nd July 2019



6th August 2019

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