JW Anderson

JW Anderson has opened its first UK flagship in the west end, cleverly blending glossy new finishes with references to the building’s not-so-polished past.

The glowing neon signage that wraps the front of JW Anderson’s newly minted flagship makes it somewhat camouflaged in its gritty Soho surrounds. Perched on the corner of London’s Brewer and Wardour streets, a ‘Las Vegas’ amusement arcade sits directly next door while a jumble of tattoo parlours, bookshops and numerous Soho walk-ups sit happily next to frozen yoghurt cafes and busy coffee shops in the surrounding streets.


The Victorian building that the flagship occupies previously housed two separate stores on its ground floor. The stores were divided by a typically narrow Soho entranceway that led to flats above.

The stairs are now used as display shelves for JW Anderson’s Converse collaboration and the tiles create a dividing line across the interior, clearly indicating where the former shops used to be separated. The Wardour street shop space is bright and lined with glossy aluminium shelving, polished stone floors and immaculate white leather seating. Meanwhile the Brewer Street space where the corner shop used to sit is full of shelving and cabinets made from faux wood formica and brass trim.

Source | Wallpaper


Ellen McNeelance

2nd April 2020

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