Joy Basketball Court

The UK’s first giant art basketball court presses play on social connectivity.

For Lois O’Hara, outdoor basketball courts of your youth, with their muted primary colours and splintering backboards are just that – of the yesterday. The giant art court she completed in Brighton, England is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.
The space aims to invite local and visiting players and visitors alike to come together as a community, while also providing a large-scale revisualisation of what traditional sport spaces can come to look like.
O’Hara, a native of Brighton, recognised basketball’s unfulfilled potential to connect locals in the Saunders Park neighbourhood. Amid news of violence and drug use in the area, what can a colourful explosion on a court centred on the word ‘JOY’ do? In this case, the intention of the project was to generate positivity.

Projects like O’Hara’s in Brighton and the work of Project Backboard in the US are a gentle reminder of the fact that humans need physical interaction – they need play – to thrive in their communities and at home.

With more and more opting to detach from their devices, these art courts are a place to shoot hoops the ‘old-fashioned’ way, but in modern, inciting spaces.

Source | Frame



31st October 2018

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