Grey tones pervade interiors of Zhengzhou’s JHW store.

Plaster, concrete and shiny steel merge to form the greyscale interiors of this menswear store in Zhengzhou, China.

To achieve an all-grey aesthetic, the two-storey boutique has been covered in Shangahi plaster throughout – a finely-ground mixture of granite stone and cement. Shanghai plaster was typically applied to the facade of art deco-style buildings in Shanghai during the 1920s.


Perforated sheets of steel have then been erected in a continuous line around the store’s periphery, forming a “lightweight inner shell”. As sunshine seeps through from the windows directly behind, the floor is dappled with spots of light.


Steel has also been used to craft blocky display plinths and thin rails from which clothing items are hung. Decor has been restricted to simple strip lights, which are suspended horizontally and vertically in a grid-like arrangement.

A part of the existing ceiling has been cut away to form a double-height void in the store. It’s interrupted by a couple of concrete structural beams and a transparent walkway that diagonally crosses the second floor.

Source | Dezeen



29th July 2019

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