JD Sports taps into hype around Crocs

JD Sports has turned the arrival of a giant fluffy Croc at its Arndale, Manchester store into a social media success story.

In a LinkedIn post, Lauren Chadwick, Social Media Executive at JD Sports, said: “Mega proud of this one. Ten million views later. Last week a giant fluffy Croc arrived in the JD Arndale store, immediately I’m thinking of how we can get it on social.” She added: “I saw a trending sound about (Formula 1 driver) Lando Norris floating around TikTok and thought it would it perfectly around my idea. A few days later, I’ve surpassed ten million views on the video.”

“McLaren Automotive (Norris’ team) dropped a comment on how they thought Lando would love the content, so I sent him a pair of Crocs to the McLaren HQ.”

“Over 1.4 million likes and 10,000 comments later, the sentiment has been super positive and just shows the hype around Crocs at the moment.”

SOURCE | Retail Tech Innovation Hub

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Lucy Mister

1st November 2023