JD Sports Stratford: Introducing a theatrical, multi-touchpoint experience to Westfield Stratford

Following a spell of new flagship launches, the latest move from JD sees the popular sports-fashion retailer capitalise on its prime location at Westfield Stratford.

Previously occupying two separate units in the shopping centre, JD expanded into an additional third unit (a former Disney store) that sits directly next to and beneath the existing JD stores. Naturally, the retailer used this opportunity to connect all three stores together to create a more space efficient flagship that would create provision for a superior brand experience.



The freshly aligned units boast a combined retail space of 27,915ft2 over two levels with a further 24,075ft2 dedicated to stock and back-of-house areas. As for the layout, the new store sees all footwear categories and women’s apparel located on the lower level alongside women’s fitting rooms and a payment area, with men’s and juniors apparel featuring on the upper level alongside several service touchpoints.

Following an entire strip out of the ground level units, our design studio was engaged to apply JD’s concept to the space, developing it where necessary to meet the brand’s real-time needs and ensure the design of all new installations align with elements in the upper unit, updated prior.


The Women’s fitting rooms incorporates dusty mauve seating, graphite tile, light woods, and brushed stainless steel finishes into the interior scheme, as well as fabrics and curves – from plush seating and sheer curtains to arched mirrors and undulated overhead tube lighting. Extending this category distinction to the shop floor, this palette is applied to the circular Women’s footwear feature – a focal point of the ground floor – displaying Women’s shoes, engaging digital, and seating that envelops the lower central column.


Throughout the design stages of this store, we remained flexible to adjustments relating to the changeable requirements of branded spaces (location, format and size) based on each partner brand’s agreement with the retailer – informing the electrician of changes to data needs at each branded space site where necessary.

To ensure as little disruption to trading as possible, the renovation took on a staged approach with the upstairs’ unit largely remaining open – with just a small area cordoned off for the addition of an escalator that would work to connect the two retail floors and effortlessly drive traffic up from the ground floor.


Activated by digital, the escalator is a stand-out feature of this JD flagship, taking the impact of this store (and shoppers) to the next level. Through ticker-tape treatment to the stair risers and a unique composition of digital screens that wraps ‘up, over, across, back up and back over’, customers are swallowed by branded digital content on an immersive journey to the first floor.

Exclusive to just a handful of JD stores across the retailer’s estate, there is a dedicated area on the upper level for a trio of services, including a click & collect desk, self-service checkout and shirt printing/customization station.

This ‘service hub’ configuration, offering product personalisation, convenience and a multi-touchpoint experience, demonstrates the emergence of a refined strategic direction from the brand that considers the different customer profiles, their preferred shopping journeys, and the role that physical retail plays, now and in the future.


Last but not least, this spectacular JD flagship features a helter-skelter-style shoe delivery slide, as seen in other JD locations, that stretches the length of four levels, passing down through two levels of stock before entering the retail space on the first floor, eventually arriving in JD’s footwear area on the ground floor.


Lucy Mister

29th April 2024