JD Gyms ‘The Roundhouse’ Cheltenham: Designing The World’s First Octadecagon Gym

Further expanding its presence in the UK, JD Gyms’ Cheltenham location is the third new gym to open this year, with plans to open a handful of further sites before the year is out. As part of our ongoing relationship with the ever-growing gym chain, we helped JD Gyms to transform a wonderfully unique, albeit rundown and derelict, building into a functional gym space.


This brand-new gym comes complete with free wights, lifting platforms, Eleiko strength equipment, cable stations, treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, stair climbers, plyo boxes, a full range of resistance kit, and a menu of fitness classes, including body pump, body combat, yoga, pilates, zumba, and JD Burn.


Whilst the interior of this exceptional gym is not too dissimilar from other gyms in JD Gyms’ estate, there are a handful of evolutions to the design that we think are worth shouting about…!

With 18 sides in total, this unique building is round in appearance – hence the nickname, ‘The Roundhouse’ – requiring our design studio to quite literally develop a square-peg concept to fit into a round hole.

This Cheltenham-based gym provides a next level brand experience, awarding gym-goers with an incredible, panoramic, viewing gallery as they step out of the changing rooms, before heading down the stairs to start their workout.


Supersized Signature Signage. JD Gym’s signature “FITNESS JUST GOT SERIOUS” signage just got bigger! This neon-lit, plant-adorned feature wall comes in at an enormous 16 metres in length, putting it at the centre of the interior design scheme and gym experience.


Colour & Material Evolution. We introduced a grey ply variant into the interior scheme to frame the throwing area and create a clear transition of category zone.


Introducing the Glute Zone! Last but certainly not least, this Cheltenham gym is the first in the chain to receive a dedicated Glute Zone. Born from popular demand, especially among women and femme presenting athletes, the brand-new Glute Zone houses a full range of innovative, new glute strengthening kit and has been cleverly tucked away under the mezzanine for an added bit of privacy.


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Lucy Mister

4th September 2023