Javier De Paz García Captures the Chromatic Warmth of this 21 sqm Brutalist Bunker

Formica Group unveils a Brutalist Cozy Bunker – a sheltered fortification that combines unusual concepts: well-being and survival.

Captured by architectural photographer, Javier de Paz García, the pink-hued space responds to the growing interest in bunkers and their construction, in preparation for any potential, and imminent, global collapse.


The brutalist Cozy Bunker proposes a clear dialogue between opposites. On the one hand, the solid construction of the access corridor, with its stony appearance, conveys security and inaccessibility.


On the other hand, the enveloping minimalism and chromatic warmth of the shelter’s interior evokes relaxation and hope, providing a pleasant experience to help abstract from what is happening outside. This concept of duality comes to life through the lens of Javier de Paz Garcia.


The project, entirely built with high-pressure laminates from Formica, metallic laminates from HOMAPAL, and innovative surfaces from FENIX, offers great versatility of these materials in terms of design, geometries, and volumes, as well as their richness of colours and finishes.

SOURCE | Design Boom


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Charlotte Martin

4th June 2024