ICA Stop Supermarket Designed as a “Culinary Dream Come True”

ICA Stop has revamped its supermarket in Täby, adding pastel hues and materials such as terrazzo and wood to “turn shopping into an experience”.

The design was intended as a facelift for the store, which is part of Sweden’s ICA supermarket chain and had been given many smaller additions over the years without an overall design direction.


These include a pink juice and smoothie bar, a “vegan butchery” station, a seafood and champagne bar and a bar for delicacies, designed to give ICA Stop the feel of a market hall.

For both practical and aesthetic reasons, the bars and counters were given a ribbed effect that adds textural interest to the store interior.


The studios used materials not usually associated with supermarkets for the interior, including lacquered wood, stainless steel and terrazzo, which was used for the tabletops in the restaurant section.

They chose to use pastel colours throughout the stores for the shelving and bars to keep the focus on the food itself.

SOURCE | Dezeen


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Charlotte Martin

15th March 2024