“Hyper-eclectic” showroom design for car dealer Lynk & Co

A Danish design studio has carved a cave out of cardboard and installed a bare tree in the Lynk & Co car showroom in Düsseldorf,
Germany. The studio aimed for the 400-square-meter space to have more of an impact than the cars on show.


Lynk & Co describes its showrooms as “clubs” from which members can buy, lease or borrow a car, and the Düsseldorf space was designed not to look like a traditional showroom from the exterior. Instead, purple lights, clothes on hangers and a corner with a colourful sofa makes the car dealership resemble a lifestyle store. Once inside, customers are met by an unusual, cave-like space.


One car is always on display inside the dealership. This sits next to the cardboard cave, and is partly hidden behind a light chain
curtain. The designers worked with multiple different materials, including bare wood and aluminium, to create the Lynk & Co space.

SOURCE | Dezeen


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Lucy Mister

28th November 2023