Humans Best Friend Pop-up

Dogs get their own instagrammable pop-up at immersive ‘Human’s Best Friend’ exhibition.

The immersive attraction, called Human’s Best Friend, is designed for all fans of the atypical and adventurous. The “shareable experience for dogs and the humans who love them”, will feature eight different rooms open to humans and dogs alike.

Highlights include a room called the Backyard, with a suburban-style picket fence facade straight from the dreams of a city dog; the Bone Yard, which is made up of floor-to-ceiling bones; and the Water Bowl, which is filled with not water, but blue tennis balls optimal for swimming without getting wet. There is also a big toy pit for your pup to go hog wild and play with more toys than it ever has before.

Each area of the exhibit is beautifully designed and executed, with vivid colours for enviable Instagrams and optimum pupper cuddling.

Source | Bustle



8th November 2018

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