Swimwear brand Haight have opened their first boutique that oozes artisanal quality.

Thinking of Rio, images of glorious sun-drenched beaches instantly pop up. It’s this geophysical condition that has not only provided Cariocas a laidback lifestyle, but also a beach culture that’s renowned across the planet.

Tapping right into the latter domain is Marcella Franklin, a Brazilian designer who creates women’s swimwear with a modern twist. The brand, called Haight, is distinctly contemporary and versatile, allowing its savvy fanbase to transition from beach to cocktail bar at the blink of an eye. Taking her business to the next level, Franklin has recently opened the first Haight boutique in Leblon, an upscale seaside area of Rio de Janeiro, replete with an eponymous beach that’s as iconic as neighbouring Ipanema and Copacabana.

Interestingly, both the façade of the Haight store and the sidewalk outside have been included in the design to create an increased coherence and heighten the immersive experience for shoppers. The aforementioned pillar has been encased in glass, and connects to the ground floor by way of a curved staircase made from slabs of concrete, creating a mezzanine level with additional floor space. Thick brass wire meanders along the wall on either side of the boutique, and serves as a clothing rack to display the latest Haight designs.

Source | Superfuture



22nd February 2019

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