Gymshark opens ‘safe space’ barbershop pop up

Gymshark has opened a new barbershop pop-up format called Deload, which is aimed at helping men talk about their mental health. The sportswear brand’s barbershop is staffed with mental health-trained barbers and is offering free trims to customers.

Gymshark has teamed up with Lions Barber Collective, which is an international group of barbers who aim to help raise mental health awareness, on the store in Shoreditch, east London.


Gymshark will also host panels at the shop alongside mental-health-focused organisations such as CALM and Curfew Grooming, with topics including ‘Be The Mate You’d Want’ and ‘Building Real Strength’. The retailer will also sell merchandise from the store, with all the proceeds going to CALM.


CALM Chief Marketing Officer Matt Jennings said: “Too often, men feel there is a lack of safe spaces to really get stuff off their chests. That’s why, for many, the barber shop is more than a place to just get your hair cut − it can be a haven for banter, friendships and even a space to open up or confide in someone. With 84% of men in the UK bottling up their emotions, our partnership with Gymshark aims to help normalise what to some people might feel like tricky conversations about mental health, and spread awareness of CALM’s lifesaving work.”


Source | Retail Week


Jenny Hillier

27th July 2022