Gentle Monster Flagship

Gentle Monster’s new space age flagship takes you to a new planet.

Korean eyewear label Gentle Monster has opened a series of stores world-wide, most recently its futuristic London location. Now, the brand is opening the door’s to its brand-new flagship store in New York City.

The South Korean mega-brand that we can all thank for our obsession with techy, tiny, sunglasses, has a thing for outer space. Or, at least that would be a safe assumption after visiting their brand new 6,000 square foot flagship in SoHo, where the in-house creative team has elevated the shopping experience to something between experiential theatre and interstellar travel.

Each room in the new space is home to at least one kinetic sculpture that forms a series called The Visitor. The installations tell the story of a “new earth,” where a shift in our lunar cycle and the addition of a 13th month both throw the planet into disarray, forging the development of a new organic life form.

Source | Garage



6th November 2018

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