Table legs double up as dumbbells in this conceptual collection of furniture.

Called Furfit, it proposes five ways that common gym equipment could be merged with furniture, in a bid to open the benefits of at-home workouts.


According to Furfit’s creator Luca Beltrame, the idea came about during lockdown, when homes took on the role of makeshift gyms. “Living in a typical apartment, the space to work out isn’t generous, so we started to think about a way to upscale our living room and find an active use for the pieces of furniture that were otherwise limiting our movements.”


For example, the ‘Epimedes’ coat rack contains a set of dumbbells ranging from 0.5 to 2 kilograms also acts as pegs for holding clothes. The ‘Idas’ side table can be taken off to turn it into a kettlebell. Push-up bars – designed to make the classic exercise more challenging by increasing the user’s range of motion – are rendered as a duo of stools with hemispherical seats that allow them to be laid flat on the ground.


The Furfit collection comes in two different styles to match different tastes, from a sophisticated version in brass, marble and oak to a more playful interpretation using vibrantly coloured terrazzo and resin. There are also plans to include a version made using reclaimed and recycled materials.

Source | Dezeen



17th February 2021

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