From sneakers to beans: Hypebeast opens café in first physical store

Hypebeast opened its first-ever permanent space in ‘Landmark’, a luxury mall catered for the city’s socialites.

The 167 square meter space has four distinct areas divided by modular partitions to set themes. “We’ve stripped unnecessary design to give the impression of an empty museum of curated contents so that the space is universally applicable to any brand.”, explains Kevin Ma CEO of Hypebeast.


Consumers are greeted with digital tablets at the entrance to browse through their content and new arrivals before stepping into its main space, where luxury meets street fashion. Knowing most of its customers are influenced by its editorial platforms, the Hypebeast store had been designed as a story-telling space by creating different installations and experiences in-store that cannot be replicated digitally.

The store also includes ‘Hypebeans’, the group’s first food and beverage area. Collaborating with world-class barista Hiroshi Sawada who shares a passion for fashion and culinary experiences. Hypebeans was created for like-minded individuals to gather and nurture creative collaborations, embodying the spirit of the Hypebeast community.

Source | Forbes



13th November 2020

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