Forest of Lamps

Located in the hotel reception of Mifuneyama Rakuen in Kyushu, Japan, Teamlab adds ‘winter’ colours to it’s ‘forest and spiral of resonating lamps in the forest – one stroke, snow and winter camellia’ exhibition.
Teamlab’s immersive lighting installation inside the hotel reacts to guests and staff. As people get close to a lamp, it shines brightly and emits a colour, this becomes the starting point for a wave of coloured light that spreads to the two nearest lamps and then on to another after another continuously.

Once all have illuminated, the light then fades and returns to the original lamp. However, when a resonating light encounters the light originating from another person, the lamp at the meeting point glows a combination of all the intersecting colours.

Seemingly arranged at random, all the lamps of the exhibition have a single connecting line. Their placement is mathematically determined to a number of restrictions: to form an orderly grid, the boundaries of the physical space, and how the lamps must form a line. The result ensures the trajectory of the resonating light cannot be predicted.

Source | Designboom



24th January 2019

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