Fendi Cafe Pop-up

Fendi opens café and customizable Peekaboo Bar in London

Known for his adding his hand-painted black-and-white outfits to everything from sneakers to full on automobiles, LA-based artist Joshua Vides now takes his talents to London for a special collaboration with Italian fashion house Fendi.

Situated inside famous London department store Harrods, Fendi’s Café and customisable Peekaboo Bar has received the Vides treatment. Completely designed by the visual artist himself, Vides signature touch on Fendi’s iconic double FF insignia can be seen gracing numerous backdrops, furniture and window displays, down to even the floors customers
walk upon.

Source | Hypebeast


Most notably, his work spans into decorative cakes, plates, cups, handbags and even a set of collectable skate decks also done in collaboration with the fashion maison.

The Fendi Café will serve up an array of Italian delicacies and coffee along with both breakfast and lunch options, while the Peekaboo Bar will allow customers to create their very own bespoke versions of the Fendi Mini Peekaboo handbag from over twenty different materials. Additionally the Men’s Piazza pop-up will showcase all of Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2019 accessories and feature the men’s debut of the Baguette.



10th July 2019

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