Fairyland Cafe

Kids cafe opens with dreamy cloudscape in China

The cafe is the first educational family restaurant in China. The cafe’s brand is mutually owned by Pacee Education and Fairyland so it will include educational resources supplied by pacee as well as an attractive dining and playground area.



Hypnotizing circular openings invite visitors to step inside the wonderland. Upon entering ‘fairyland’, visitors encounter the front lobby, a circular space surrounded by a forest of lights. 1000 acrylic tubes simulate the effect of natural sunlight shining through thick layers of leaves.



Past the lobby lies the ‘cloudy town’ where the ceiling is lined with acrylic fins shaped like clouds that match the same wavy elements on the ground.

Hiding within the clouds, the playroom features a carousel, a treehouse with slide sitting over a ball pit and a tube maze that expels plastic balls. Smaller pitched-roof houses within the space create more private rooms for dining or playing with the family.



The dining areas surround the central play area, ensuring the parents constant supervision of their children. While immersed in a whimsical environment, the children can freely play among the clouds while the parents comfortably enjoy the restaurant’s food and drinks.

Source | Designboom



26th June 2019

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