Dior x ERL open a new pop-up at Dover Street Market in London

The Dior x ERL pop-up is taking over the ground floor entrance space within Dover Street Market London for the majority of January. Welcoming visitors into a rainbow of colours.

Upon entering visitors find a telephone box displaying a core California-ready ensemble, while nods to the Hollywood postcode come in the form of camera rigs and industrial shelving.


While light blue Saddle Bags sit alongside miniature hot pink and large tinsel-fuzz examples all dazzling with gold chains on show, with jumpers that combine purple crystals with splashes of white and hoodies sporting waves of glitter, it’s the structures that house the clothes that really shine at DSML.


Within the entrance space visitors will find more clothing hanging on display, while towards the middle of the space, Dior and ERL showcase their joint creativity with a Barbiepink car. The car is one of vintage Americana descent. The exterior and interior is decked in hot pink, while white wall chrome hub-disc rims and a branded license plate round things off.


Source | Hypebeast


Jenny Hillier

18th January 2023