Designing Egger’s “Decorative Collection 24+” Roadshow

“We had another great event last week and again some lovely positive comments on the displays, the flow and the general appearance of the set-up, which was great to hear.”

Victoria Hodgson, Marketing Senior Specialist – UK & IE, EGGER


Locations: London, Manchester, Belfast, and Glasgow

EGGER – the leading global manufacturer of beautiful wood-based materials – hosted a series of pre-launch events throughout October to celebrate and showcase its brand-new product range, “Decorative Collection 24+”.

Welcoming designers to explore the collection and request samples via QR codes found throughout the event spaces, the installations looked to inform and excite by offering an exclusive peek at the collection ahead of its launch!

As the design studio behind this superior sample showcase, our strategic, graphic, and environment designers worked closely to curate a cohesive marketing activation and brand experience that tells a compelling story.



Starting at the entrance, guests are greeted by the brand via a large welcome message before being invited to step through an archway adorned with the colourways of the collection to begin their exploration of “Decorative Collection 24+”.

We forged a journey through the collection via a quartet of touchpoints, with each illustrating a different material focus: “Authentic Oaks”, “Velvet Matts”, “Luxurious Stones”, and a shared installation showcasing EGGER’s “Inviting Metallics” and “Elegant Woods” ranges.


“The Capsule”, a flexible visual inspired by EGGER’s existing assets, became the golden thread of the concept. Each installation references The Capsule’s signature geometric pattern to unify the displays while accent colours taken from the palette of the collection define the ranges.

At the centre of the space sits a sustainability feature displaying a library of sustainable material alternatives. A series of messaging and comms outlines EGGER’s sustainability mission while feature pieces serve as abstract illustrations of EGGER’s values and its understanding of the challenges faced by the design and construction industries.



We sought to push the boundaries with a handful of spectacular installations accommodating a plethora of innovative VM, with a focus on combining several different display options for visual variety.

Alongside incorporating considered graphical treatments, layered textures through details and accessories (from leather straps to hung fabric) complement the samples and add depth to the displays.

We transformed EGGER’s imagery and communication assets into an emotive tale across a handful of marketing collateral, including bespoke event invitations, entrance display graphics, plinth graphics, hanging graphics, and information cards.

A clear and intriguing visual presentation that considers visual balance, cohesion, hero messaging, and messaging hierarchies encourages onward discovery of “Decorative Collection 24+” both online and offline.


It was not only imperative that we curated the installations for optimal fit and flow in event spaces of different shapes and sizes, but we also needed to ensure that the installations could be set up and derigged in just a short period of time, and withstand reuse as the event kit is deployed at its destination venues.

This was achieved through designing a flexible system and kit of parts with several detachable elements, including dismantlable structures and demountable spotlighting.


Lucy Mister

22nd January 2024