Concert takes place with both the band and fans encased in plastic bubbles

American rock band The Flaming Lips has brought back live music in a safe, socially-distanced manner by encasing themselves and the audience in giant plastic bubbles. held at their hometown Oklahoma city, the musicians literally blew up 2020 to protect themselves and the fans from COVID-19.


Held at the criterion, the flaming lip’s concert was part live show, part music video shoot. but it’s not the first time the lips have enclosed themselves inside huge plastic bubbles. in fact, its frontman, Wayne Coyne, is known to walk on top of crowds during the band’s shows. the venue, which has a capacity of 3,500, was filled with one hundred inflatable orbs, and became a test run for future concerts amidst the pandemic.

Source | Designboom



26th October 2020

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