Coca-Cola Pulls Apart its Iconic Red-and-White Logo to Encourage Recycling

The famous wordmark is distorted and destroyed in an eye-grabbed new ad campaign led by WPP Open X.

In an innovative effort to encourage more recycling, the campaign depicts the Coke logo as crushed and distorted, mimicking how it would appear on a recycled aluminium can.

Titled ‘Recycle Me’, the campaign debuted this month in Latin America. It aims to motivate consumers to recycle their empty Coke cans and bottles by tapping into the incredible brand recognition of the red-and-white logo – which research shows is recognised by 94% of the world’s population.


And here’s something else that grabbed our attention. While it might have seemed the easy option would be to manipulate the logo digitally, Ogilvy instead went the analogue route. The ‘Recycle Me’ assets were painstakingly created by crushing actual Coke cans using techniques such as mechanical presses and vacuums.



Each outdoor advertisement features a truly one-of-a-kind, crumpled logo extracted from the crushed cans. A film documenting the process will launch later this month.

“At Coca-Cola, we aim to have a world without waste,” said Islam ElDessouky, global vice president of creative strategy and content at Coca-Cola on the ad’s launch. “We have a unique opportunity to use our marketing to send a powerful message and bring consumers along our sustainability journey.”

View the new Coca-Cola campaign here.

SOURCE | Creative Boom

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Charlotte Martin

8th May 2024