Coach launches ‘Windows of the Future’ concept

Coach introduces Windows of the Future, a new initiative where Coach stores around the world are re-imagined as community hubs with bespoke experiences.


The concept will introduce bespoke window displays at nine locations around the world, many in collaboration with local artists. The one-of-a-kind installations aim to bring innovation, digital-centric content, and shareable branded moments to the Coach in-store shopping experience; driving traffic & engagement, and building community amongst local audiences.

One of the concepts, located at the Pavilion Mall in Malaysia, pays homage to Coach’s mascot ‘Rexy’ in super-sized form where the mascot appears on a giant LED screen. To further enhance the ‘Windows Of The Future’ experience, Coach Malaysia have also introduced an interactive digital mobile AR game, where customers can immerse in an AR experience that allows customers to go on a mission to help the Rexy to capture more Rogue bags.


Built with environmentally responsible materials and designed to be evergreen as part of an effort to reduce waste, Coach’s ‘Windows of the Future’ installations are part of the house’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.


Jenny Hillier

19th October 2021