Coach x Game of Tmall

Last week we had the opportunity to preview Coach’s latest digital experience, ‘Coach x Game of Tmall’, launching in line with one of the largest shopping holidays in China ‘6 / 18’.


The ‘Coach x Game of Tmall’ digital experience transports visitors to a rooftop cityscape that is both an amalgamation of New York City and Shanghai, places which provide great inspiration for Coach. With energising bespoke music playing in the background, visitors joining the experience are encouraged to find Coach’s mascot, a dancing Rex hiding within the space. The more Rex’s visitors can locate within the cityscape the more points they gain, which can be transformed into discounts to be used on Coach product. Visitors can also gain points by providing their email address.


As well as the gaming experience itself, visitors exploring the space also have the opportunity to browse Coach’s product offering and join Coach x Tmall live streaming sessions.

Coach’s ‘Game of Tmall’ was created as a fun and engaging experience that encourages visitors to come back to the game on a daily basis to gain more points and, therefore, gain greater discounts during the month of the 6/ 18 shopping holiday.


The ‘Coach x Game of Tmall’ digital experience comes at a time when a combination of gamification and shopping is becoming increasingly popular among Gen-Z consumers. The ‘Coach x Game of Tmall’ experience is just the beginning of the brand pushing into this gaming space. We look forward to seeing what fun and creative digital experiences Coach will deliver next!


Jenny Hillier

7th June 2021