Coach Launches Digital Exploratorium

When Coach, the leading global design house of luxury accessories, approached us about featuring their new ‘Disney Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring Exploratorium’ in SNAPSHOT, it felt like the perfect fit! It all starts with the click of a Mouse…

In recent years Coach has become a home for famous faces with celebrity campaigns and collaborations that include Selena Gomez, Michael B. Jordan, and Ariana Grande. The new ‘Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring Exploratorium’ is an interactive digital experience created to promote Coach’s latest product collaboration between Disney and the iconic New York artist. Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers says, “Sometimes the best designs come from the most unlikely juxtaposition, and I can’t think of a cultural clash that brings me more joy than Micky Mouse and Keith Haring.”

Coach’s Exploratorium enables visitors to discover and shop special edition physical and digital gifts including leather bags topped with Mickey’s ears, shearling jackets, totes, and sweatshirts printed with Haring’s signature artwork, as well as AR filters and a bespoke Spotify playlist.


With reduced opportunities for physical campaign pop-ups due to Covid-19, the Exploratorium enables Coach to digitally reach out to their consumers and capture the spirit of optimism and inclusion that Disney, Haring and Coach all share.

The Exploratorium is divided into eight unique spaces which include five interactive rooms. Innovations include an AR Micky Mouse that surprises visitors as they explore, and an immersive subway station inspired by New York City where consumers can paint their own street art in the style of Haring.

In the first ‘Entrance’ room, visitors are instantly transported to Coach’s home, New York City, a nod to the brands effortless all-American style. Consumers find themselves in the heart of a vibrant SoHo street scene, complete with the hum of the city, cabs honking and passers-by chatting.

After leaving the Entrance area visitors arrive in the spacious ‘Lobby’ and are hit by vibrant yellow surroundings and energising music. A quote on the perimeter wall explains the mission of the collaboration and instantly creates a feeling of intrigue.


Within the ‘Lobby’ consumers are introduced to the Exploratorium by non-other than Kaia Gerber. There is a celebrity presence throughout the experience that is bespoke to the region where the Exploratorium is viewed. Kaia Gerber, Cole Sprouse and Myles O’Neal head up Coach’s USA ambassadors, whereas Xiao Wen Ju is Coach’s China ambassador with Kōki representing Japan. The celebrities appear within campaign imagery throughout the Exploratorium and promote product by handpicking their favourite piece from the collection.

The ‘Immersion’ room introduces consumers to the Disney Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring collaboration product range. Product is displayed as 360 degree renders with a zoom functionality. This combined with intimate product photography creates a unique browsing experience. The Immersion room also introduces a customisation tool that allows viewers to paint their own digital room with prints from the collection.

The journey continues with a fourth room ‘Gallery’, an area dedicated to a curated selection of exclusive product including silk scarfs, bandanas and tote bags. This room offers an aesthetically seductive and fascinating insight into the inner workings of Keith Haring, both the man and his brand. Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers comments on Haring’s work, “Ahead of its time when it was first made, this art feels so timely today as we can celebrate and appreciate the diverse work of great creators whoever they may be, without social boundaries”.


The fifth and sixth rooms, ‘Courtyard’ and ‘Atelier’ introduce visitors to one of the most entertaining aspects of the Exploratorium, Coach’s leather plush Micky Mouse animation that is unique to the Exploratorium experience. These room’s also showcase Coach’s atelier pieces including the moto jacket, woven puffer, shearling jacket, leather puffer jacket, crewneck, t-shirt’s and hoodies.

The seventh room, ‘Subway’ is designed to encourage visitors to play with the space through the power of the Keith Haring patterns that give shape to the entire space. This room goes one step further with its personalisation tool by randomising the patterns for each individual that enters the subway. This service is designed to encourage visitors to explore the idea that ‘art is for everybody’, an underlying inspiration for the collection.

The Exploratorium culminates in the ‘Shoptorium’ where a selection of physical and virtual products from the collection are available to purchase, including free Instagram and AR filters and a Spotify playlist, giving all visitors the opportunity to take something away from the experience.

An aspect that really gives shape to the ‘Shoptorium’ is the sound of a crowd in the background, giving the impression of a lively retail environment. The Shoptorium also encourages visitors to share the digital experience, as well as invite friends and family through Instagram and Facebook, to come inside and experience the Exploratorium.

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Ellen McNeelance

13th January 2021

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