Capturing the Complete L’azurde Fashion Experience with a Premium Shop-In-Shop Concept

Location: Middle East

We designed an opulent shop-in-shop concept that envelops the gem-seekers of the world in the luxury brand of L’azurde.

Who are L’azurde?

As the largest gold and jewellery designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and Africa, L’azurde “transforms every inspiration into a unique masterpiece”.

Earning their place within the souks of the Middle East, just as unique as their product is the brand’s approach to its retail presence. A popular destination for locals and tourists, alike, the souks are lively settings where gold is typically bought by weight, but L’azurde are disrupting the marketplace, seducing its clientele to buy jewellery not by its weight, but for its artistry, charm, and statement of fashion.




The Brief

Briggs Hillier were appointed by L’azurde to design a shop-in-shop that would promote the brand’s new fashion range, InStyle. To do this, we sought to create a stand-out activation that would capture the attention of shoppers.

Most importantly, the shop-in-shop needed to be designed in a way that would allow it to work effectively in locations of various shapes and sizes. This would be achieved through producing a range of bespoke, L’azurde-branded furniture that followed a ‘gold, silver, and bronze’ tiered approach to sizing, and possibilities for configuration that would ensure a customarily premium shopper experience.

On top of this, it was important that the displays were flexible in their design and layout to accommodate new collections and product stories so the brand can provide a complete L’azurde Fashion experience, anywhere, anytime.


Research & Insight

Before creating a design toolkit for L’azurde that duly brings the jeweler’s brand identity to the platform of physical retail, we undertook a complete analysis of L’azurde, the competitor landscape, and the wider marketplace, with a particular focus on the current retail solutions delivered by globally renowned jewellery brands, such as Pandora and Swarovski, and bringing this “mall experience” into the souks.

From their varying window heights, integrated lighting and largely unembellished walls to their flat tray counter configurations, consultation areas, and minimalist displays, we shared our observations of the key areas and unique characteristics of souk stores, identifying potential challenges and opportunities for design.


Design & VM Strategy

Our in-depth research in the first stage guided our design and VM strategy which consisted of an interrogation of the brand’s collections to gain a comprehensive understanding of the shop-in-shop’s categorization requirements, including category size and product layout.

We then explored a range of locations and proportions for the shop-in-shop, before realizing the bespoke furniture components and POS elements that would make up the space – from wall and window display units to midfloor counter and standing tower displays.

Before our creative team could begin to imagine the shop-in-shop concept’s unique look and feel, we deployed a VM and design strategy that would account for product capacity, branding opportunities, storage solutions, and ‘hook-on’ and ‘pull-out’ display systems that make for a seamless experience for both the customer and the brand rep.


The Creative

We communicated the creative direction to L’azurde through the presentation of vision boards, which would later be brought to life through the creation of a series of renders demonstrating the completed L’azurde shop-in-shop concept.

Applying the brand’s identity guidelines to the shop-in-shop components, and creating new creative for further branding opportunities, we developed intricate displays that are reflective of the brand’s luxury product offer.

A considered use of lighting, mirrors, and storyteller graphics support the shop-in-shop’s premium feel, whilst a continuity of design engenders an intuitive, yet fluid, shopper journey.

“A continuation of the L’azurde world”

Our studio further applied the creative concept to a range of retail systems and formats to demonstrate how it could be easily adapted for the expansion of L’azurde and its marketing needs – from alluring window elements and immersive pop-up shops, to a L’azurde-branded vending machine that speaks to the future of retail!


Bringing The Designs To Life

We managed the shop-in-shop concept through to the prototyping stage which enabled the brand to truly understand the design’s immersive impact, superior functionality, and suitability for roll-out across the Middle East and beyond.


Lucy Mister

26th June 2023