Camper opens new store in Shanghai

Shanghai’s Hengshan Fang area is home to an all-new Camper store and showroom Sustainability was the priority in the shoe brand’s new store and showroom, which boasts a scaled-back look and innovative material use.

The three-storey building consists of a retail space on the ground floor, a showroom on the first floor and an office space above.


Recycled and recyclable materials were used throughout the space. Ceilings and walls are intentionally left bare, to increase the space’s flexibility and allow for future redesign. Gridded metal displays, which create an illusion of shoes floating in mid-air, can be reconfigured to be reused in the future. Display shelf tops were handmade from Camper shoe boxes and plywood was used instead of important cork for benches.


By creating an agile design and using recycled materials, the consequences of redesigning the space in the future are decreased.

A scaled-back aesthetic also serves to remove superfluous distractions throughout the retail experience, placing emphasis on displayed products.

Source | Frame


7th February 2022