Browns Pop-up

Warehouse equipment displays garments at Browns Fashion pop-up in LA.

A set of trolleys, typically used for moving heavy goods around warehouses, were customised and are used for multiple purposes. Their handles become rails for hanging garments from, while the flat bases provide platforms for presenting accessories like bags.

On the front, large sheets of colourful acrylic sit against the metal frames, tilted at a slight angle. These panels act as both a backdrop for the clothing, and form a window display along the store’s glazed frontage that spells out the brand name.

The trolleys all sit on wheels, so can be easily moved and rearranged as required.

In keeping with the industrial theme, lightweight modular shelving creates an additional showcase along the store’s concrete wall. Shoes and handbags are placed on blocks of speckled foam, layers of plastic and chunks of concrete, across the dark grey storage units.

The end result is a mix of high and low, a contrast between the raw and the superbly finished, that smartly mirrors the streetwear-meets-luxury feel of the Calvin Klein, Off-White and Balenciaga pieces on display.

Source | Retail Design Blog



23rd October 2018

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