Briggs Hillier delivers a “Live Brief” module at the University of Lincoln

Aiming to inspire future designers with a career in commercial design, last month we hosted a “Live Brief” module at the University of Lincoln.

Associate Creative Director, Adam Price, and Operations Manager at Briggs Hillier and UoL advisory board member, Lucy Moore, delivered a full-day workshop to the University of Lincoln’s second year Interior Architecture & Design students.


Upon being allocated a brand on which to base their work, the students were given a hypothetical design brief similar to one that the design studio might receive from a client.

Snippet from the brief…

“Develop a concept that captures the essence of the brand’s identity & products that will be the best showcase in a bricks and mortar environment. In order to design the space effectively, you must understand and analyse the products, identity, target market, touchpoints, competitors and positioning. Propose a concept for the retail unit which realises the brand, both spatially and visually.”

Lucy and Adam returned to UoL on an interim visit to review what the students had achieved so far, before returning for a third time with Creative Director of Briggs Hillier, Adrian Briggs, for final presentations, where students were tasked to present a design deck answering the key brief deliverables.


Encouraged to work collaboratively, students were given the opportunity to connect with other designers on their course and experience delivering a group project, similar to how they will be required to work in a studio setting, and the different dynamics that it brings.

Grace Wardle, second year Interior Architecture & Design student at UoL, said: “By working in a team for this project it was really nice being able to bounce ideas of each other and helping each other through different parts of the brief. We all learnt how valuable it is to work in a team during this project as we all communicated lots over the two weeks to be able to produce a strong design for our presentation.”

Jessica Mortimer, added: “As a student I am extremely appreciative of the insight and guidance I have gained about the industry which will continue to motivate me in my early industry path. It was a fantastic experience, and I look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.”


Following final presentations, Lucy and Adrian spoke to the students about preparing for getting a role in the industry.

Lucy explains, “Having delivered this module previously at the University of Lincoln, we know how valuable this type of experience is for the next generation of designers entering into the industry.

“It gives them a head start on their peers simply from knowing what to expect after university and brilliantly supports their transition from student designer to professional designer – as well as giving us an opportunity to see the design talent prior to it entering the workforce!

“It was also insightful for us to see how the next generation is using AI as a tool for inspiration, and the amount of research this year’s students had put into the project within the short time they had to deliver.”


Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, Mrs. Rosie Elvin SFHE, said, “During the collaborative project with Briggs Hillier, Lucy and Adam played a pivotal role in enhancing the students’ experience during studio sessions. Beyond providing insightful design feedback, they offered valuable advice on CVs, portfolios, and interviews.

“Witnessing the students’ increased confidence and enthusiasm was fantastic, and the studio was buzzing with activity throughout their project collaboration. Adrian joined us for the final design pitches which was invaluable. It was indeed a fantastic and enriching experience all round!”


Lucy Mister

4th March 2024