Beyond Memory

Chiharu Shiota weaves ‘Cloud of Thoughts’ within the atrium at Gropius Bau.
From now through until June 16, 2019, Berlin’s Gropius Bau is investigating the concept of craft and handmade processes in the city’s contemporary art scene, taking its history as a former museum for decorative arts as a starting point.

As part of the show, artist Chiharu Shiota presents a monumental installation ‘beyond memory’, which infills the institution’s colossal atrium.

The installation can be viewed from two dimensions — either from the ground floor looking up, or from the upper floor balcony looking outwards, which is accessible to the public free of charge. Mixed within the all-white strands of woven material are paper ephemera, printed black and white pictures, leaflets, and pages torn from books.

‘The white yarn is timeless,’ Shiota continues, ‘I do not think time is something linear but has rather a circular notion.’

Source | Designboom, 17th April 2019


Ellen McNeelance

7th May 2019

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