BAO Mary draws on “utilitarian design” of Taiwanese dumpling shops


London’s latest BAO restaurant is modelled on the liveliness of Taiwan’s dumpling shops, with designer MATHs opening up its shopfront to “allow people to spill out”. Restaurant chain, BAO, aimed for its latest outpost in Marylebone, named BAO Mary, to let its visitors interact more with the space outside the restaurant to create a vibrant feel.

The goal for the interior of the two-storey restaurant, which serves dumplings and quick cold dishes, was to create an intimate atmosphere.


BAO Mary features open self-serve fridges, as well as an open kitchen to facilitate a connection between the chef and the diners. As the primary material used inside the space was the existing wooden walls, BAO wanted to create a colour palette that would complement the panelling.

Inside, chairs and tables are bespoke to the restaurant. For the outdoor dining space, brushed-metal terrace tables are altered to be intentionally shorter. Lastly, the basement floor,  complete with orange banquette seating, can be booked by larger groups.


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Lucy Mister

12th July 2023