Cityscapes inform interiors of Shanghai fashion store Assemble.

Skate ramp-style fitting rooms and church-like archways feature inside this menswear store in Shanghai, which has designed to reflect the “eclecticism” of city life. The 1,037-square-metre store occupies the third floor of a mall on the western end of Nanjing Road, Shanghai’s main shopping street.

The studio has created a church-like setting towards the entrance of the store by erecting a sequence of timber-framed archways and display stands crafted to resemble blocks of travertine stone.


This is followed by a skatepark-style area where streetwear collections will be presented. Intended to appear as a “palpably urban” setting, the changing room block here has been designed with a dramatically sloping roof to look like a skateboard ramp. Also in this area trainers are displayed on a set of grey terrazzo steps.

Towards the rear of the store is a gallery-inspired area, where lifestyle accessories like books, candles, and potted plants are showcased on bright white hanging shelves or perforated boxes. There is also a large, oval-shaped glass volume inside of which the store can create small-scale installations or displays.

Source | Dezeen



19th April 2019

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